Photographing the birth of your child is a tangible reminder of best day of your life. Giving birth is intimate, empowering, timeless, and beautiful. It can also be face paced, a whirlwind, and a blur to recall.  

When you look at the images captured by CoHo Creative photographer, Courtney, you will be taken back to the miraculous moments of your delivery. Have a chance to breathe in all the details, to marvel at the gift it is to give birth. 

Parents often find themselves wishing they could freeze time. Birth story photography is a way to do that.


Birth Story $600

includes travel to birth location within 45 miles of Paragould, Arkansas

Journalistic black and white images of your baby's birthday

Wooden USB with print release

*Deposit of $100 is required to book your birth story, which is refunded in the event the photographer is unable to attend.


Need to Know

-Birth story photography is candid capturing of the events and emotions surrounding your birth. It is NOT posed family portraits or photos of different family members holding the baby. The most genuine portrayal happens when you act as if the photographer isn't there.

-During the 3rd trimester of your pregnancy you will stay in close contact with your birth photographer to do everything possible to ensure she is present for the birth. 

-Once you are in labor, or begin the process of induction, notify your photographer. She will arrive once you are around 5 cm dilated if you are having a vaginal delivery or when you choose to get an epidural if before 5 cm. 

-You are in control of how much you want captured. The photos are most often taken in a way the protect the mother's modesty even while giving birth. 

-It is important that your delivering physician is aware you will have a birth photographer, as some do not allow it.  I do my best to discreetly be present, and will stay out of the way of your medical staff as they do their jobs.

Courtney ambitiously became a nurse at the age of 19 years old. Her entire nursing career was devoted to her love of women's health nursing. Before becoming a full time photographer she worked in labor and delivery, newborn nursery, postpartum, as well as in the office of an OBGYN. She is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and has held a national certification as a carseat technician. Her background and experience with pregnancy and birth give her a unique and knowledgeable perspective in perfectly telling your birth story that you won't find elsewhere. She takes a "don't speak unless spoken to" approach to being present in your delivery so the experience is still as personal to you and your family as possible.